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Livnot U'Lehibanot

To Build & Be Built


What is Alumot

Alumot is a Hebrew word that means gathered wheat sheaves – a visual metaphor of individual members brought together to form a flexible but unbreakable community. At Livnot, it’s also a Hebrew pun on the word “alumni;” the post-Livnot U’Lehibanot program network that builds on the Israel experience as a social venture sparking activities designed to keep chevre connected to Israel and on the path of growing, learning and improving themselves and their home community.

Livnot aims to encourage our “chevre” (past participants) to instill the Livnot spirit into their daily lives and energize Jewish communities around the world. Past Chevre or not, if you would like to connect with one of the educators at Livnot, click here.With your help, we look forward to fostering this connection with all the Livnot family.

Community Building

At Livnot, we believe that community-building is a strong component in creating sustainable and long-lasting Jewish identity. Our educational programs take participants on a journey of growth, self-exploration and reflection. Our mission is to create Jewish community involvement and participation for young adults across North America, the UK, Israel, and to all corners of the world.

Livnot’s Tu B’shvat campaign is one example of our how our Livnot Alumni integrate community involvement as part of their daily lives. Alumni and friends of Livnot have organized 100’s of Tu B’Shvat events around the world including in the US, Canada, Israel, Spain, Australia, UK, South Africa, and South America.