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Livnot U'Lehibanot

To Build & Be Built



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Livnot has sponsored the 8th Armored Brigade and we provide hot showers and home-made food to a daily rotation of 70-80 soldiers each night. The four national service women who live on Livnot’s main campus are the heart of our efforts.

In partnership with local organizations, our volunteers engage in cooking and packaging, contributing to over 700 daily meals during the week and a remarkable 2600 meals for Shabbat. Strategically located less than an hour from all the northern army bases, Tzfat is the ideal location to distribute meals and equipment. Our partner organization’s drivers deliver meals directly to soldiers who protect Israel, reaching off-road areas inaccessible to citizens.

Starting in December, Livnot is facilitating two-week volunteer programs in Carmiel for Birthright alumni (age 21-40) as well as Haifa, and Tzfat for all ages. Volunteer work ranges from hospitality for soldiers and displaced families to food packaging and bomb shelter restoration.  Participants will work side-by-side with Israeli’s during the day and attend lectures on history and geopolitics. Livnot coordinators and educators create an atmosphere of community-building and experiencing a soulful Shabbat. 

From sustaining soldier meals and supporting volunteer programs to acquiring rain gear for our troops in the north, your support allows Livnot to continue making an impact during this crucial time. Generous donors recently provided thermal clothing for over 300 soldiers and there is still a need for rain gear and the ongoing cost of meals to soldiers at $4 per weekday meal and $6.50 for Shabbat. Over 5000 meals are being served every week! 

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Livnot U’Lehibanot is a 501C3 recognized non-profit (“For-Purpose”) organization – Tax ID #13-3500786

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