Sweet words from recent on-line reunions we have held over the last 3 weeks. Here are a few quotes grabbed from some of the reunions expressing what their Livnot experience means to them:
“To this day I put it up there with my other life changing experiences like childbirth and marrying my husband. Yes, really that high.  In fact it helped me see the best qualities to look for in my soulmate, how to live my life as a Jewish woman and what family and friendship was truly all about.” Jolie Verdun
“Livnot was my first step to a life which was not only grounded but also spiritual.” David Newborn
“Whole life changed because of Livnot. Was really the perfect program. The hiking. Making Shabbos. Learning to keep the kosher kitchen. The beauty, Tzfat. There is no place like Tzfat. It’s very unique. For me it was the perfect place to go and have a lot of gratitude and my program.” Julie Klein
“My gratitude knows no bounds. I love Livnot more than one can imagine. Thank G-d I came back to America. Got married 6 kids… Livnot gave me best friends. Gave her a home… Livnot gave me a different family. A spiritual family, a physical family. A place where I can show up and be home.” Nancy Steinberg
For the Botzers, the Paltiels and the staff who have put in a lot of hard work to make the programs as meaningful as possible, these words mean a lot. If gives us the encouragement to do this another 40 years.

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Originally from Syracuse, NY, Meir received his BA in American History and Political Science from Tulane University and his MS in Resource Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry. He arrived in Israel in 1992, served in the Nahal Infantry Unit before moving to Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu. On Kibbutz, Meir was Assistant Manager of the... Read More

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