Livnot Terms & Conditions

1. Application Fee & Deposit:

In the case of cancellation 21 days prior to the program, confirmed participants forfeit their deposit ($100 or 300 shekel for Shabbaton, $250 for 1-week retreats & $500 for 4-week retreats). The same applies for participants who leave the program early. If a confirmed participant cancels before 21 days, only the $50 application fee is refundable.

If Livnot cancels the program for any reason, then the deposit, including the $50 application fee, will be refunded to the participant or credited towards a future Livnot program.

2. Space Allocation:

Spots on Livnot programs are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis to those applicants who have completed the application process, including an interview, completion of all forms, requirements, and payments of deposits and fees.

3. Livnot Programs that have airfare included as part of the fee (if applicable, not all programs include airfare):

A. After a person :

a) applies

b) is accepted

c) confirms their acceptance and

d) their ticket is issued by the airline,

If at this point they cancel for any reason, they are required to pay the full cost of the airfare, which was reserved for them and in addition, they lose their $150 deposit. The reimbursement to Livnot for the cost of the ticket will go on the applicant's credit card that the deposit was made with unless other arrangements are made.

B. Conditions for changing return flight:

All changes are made directly through the issuing airline and may only be made upon arrival in Israel for the Livnot program with which you applied. Currently, making changes to the ticket costs $150 for the same class of tickets, according to the airline. In the event the same class is not available, the person is responsible for the difference in the ticket as agreed upon with the airline. This fee is subject to change and is determined by the issuing airline.

C. If a participant is asked to leave the program due to a violation of Livnot's program rules as determined and decided by Livnot staff based on Livnot's code of conduct and program policy, or if a participant leaves a program without the consent of the program coordinator prior to the ending date of the program, the participant is financially responsible for the cost of the full, round trip airfare ticket. In such a case, reimbursement to Livnot for the cost of the ticket will go on the applicant's credit card that the deposit was made with unless other arrangements are made.

4. Living Arrangements:

During the program, Livnot is responsible to provide reasonable living accommodations as determined by Livnot staff. A person who requires different arrangements for health or other reasons bears all financial responsibility for those arrangements, including any and all payments and fees.

5. Medical Coverage:

All Livnot participants are required to have Health Insurance during the duration of the program. Livnot has general insurance in case of any accident during the program, however, this does not cover pre-existing conditions or other medical emergencies. Medication, whether prescribed or otherwise, is also the financial responsibility of the participant. If you need recommendations for Israeli Health Insurance, please let us know.

6. Free Time and Free Weekends (when applicable):

The participant is responsible, financially and otherwise, for their transportation, room, board, and other expenses while on free time and free weekends, as well as their safety. During free weekends, participants may be required to leave the Livnot facilities. Participants may be required to move all belongings and baggage into a space designated by Livnot staff.

7. Safety and Security

Participants are required to follow all safety and security guidelines as defined by Livnot (these safety and security guidelines are in accordance with those of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel). This is true throughout the duration of the program, on hikes, tours, at all facilities, and during any and all programmed free time. Livnot staff instructions, whether written or verbal, are to be followed at all times for the safety and security of the participant, staff, and group and any and all others interacting or connected with the program and/or group in any way. Livnot is not responsible for program participants’ safety or where they decide to travel, during free weekends. The well-being of the participant on free weekends is their own responsibility. Livnot responsibility resumes upon the participant's return to Livnot (such location to be defined by Livnot program staff).

8. Married Couples:

Livnot will make a reasonable effort to provide a married couple with joint living arrangements. These decisions will be based on space, room availability, financial considerations, and group dynamics issues. There may be times when a couple will be separated into male/female rooms with other roommates if the need arises. Livnot reserves the right to make such decisions as it sees fit.

9. Dietary Restrictions:

Livnot makes every effort to accommodate people's individual dietary needs to a reasonable degree, as determined by Livnot staff. If a person's dietary needs cannot be accommodated, as decided upon by Livnot staff, the participant becomes financially responsible for his/her own requirements.

10. Minimum number of participants:

Shabbatonim, Mountains & Mystics and Northern Exposure retreats require a minimum of 15 participants, unless otherwise decided by Livnot staff. In the case that the minimum number of participants is not met, Livnot reserves the right to cancel the program and a full refund will be provided to confirmed participants.